Money in hand

Note- I wrote this college essay in May of 2011. All links and references may not be relevant.

The essay I recently read was titled “Class Warfare, the Final Chapter” by Michael Pirsch. The paper proposed the idea that the ability to rise up within the social ranks. The article goes into detail about the elimination of Social Security and the elimination of Democracy by the elite. Mr. Pirsch presents his case of the downfall of Democracy through media as well as government. The Author who wrote the article is biased in his opinion but presents cases for his ideas.

Mr. Pirsch’s article on Class Warfare is an article all people should read. It is important in this day and age to read ideas that challenge government and the social elite. It is important for all American citizens to read ideas that present cases on why our government no longer represents the interest of the American People. It is important for the American people to know where their money is at and who is spending it.

I agree with the ideas presented within “Class Warfare.” I agree with the idea that the American public is a society of relentless shoppers. I believe that the US culture is “overwhelmed by the consumer/celebrity culture that distracts from the real situation that they are not fearful of harboring a critical thought.” I believe that the lost of Social Security is an example of the wealthy demolishing democracy and the ability to take part in a democratic society. I believe that the Banking Bailout was completely unfair to Americans. There should be no need for the working poor to bail out the finances of the wealth and the elite. It is not right that Social Security is eliminated because the elite are playing games within the White House. It is not right that some of the police actions the American Military have taken part in were to eliminate examples of pure Democracy in several South American countries. It is not right that our media, our clothes, our very existence is controlled by people who know how to control society. And it is unfair that the American Public no longer has the will or even the ability to understand what is happening to them and why. It is unfair that Americans may never enjoy true life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was what the founding fathers declared why it was necessary to separate from England (which was what America revolted for).

Michael Pirsch concludes his essay with different ideas on how American citizens can start spreading true Democracy within their neighborhoods. I believe as a society, we have lost the Class Warfare. I think it is impossible to affect change on a national level; the wealthy elite controls media, commerce and government. I agree with Mr. Pirsch’s notion that “our internet and other long-distance friends will not be able to help.” Even our internet has been designed now to filter information via filter bubbles (Pariser). Mr. Pirsch presents different ideas to re-establish democracy in the form of investing in our neighborhood resources. I believe that people who read Class Warfare and want to change the world should heed Mr. Pirsch’s advice and start investing time and effort into neighborhood programs that help their communities. After reading Mr. Pirsch’s article, I want to spend more of my time working in local programs and writing essays to empower my friends and neighbors. “Class Warfare, the Final Chapter” has inspired me to seek out different ways to help restore Democracy. Although I may not be successful, at least I can look back and know that I’ve tried to be what every American should be, one that stands for truth and justice.


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